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Kishimoto-sensei really knows how to haul me back in whenever he wants me to.

I feel like he does this on a whim to all Naruto fans. I believe that he does not only write/draw good fight scenes, he also is an awesome tactician, either that or the man's storytelling skills are improving. Naruto Shippuden chapter 448 is out and about and I was so happy reading it. I was starting to complain that the whole arc was dragging on too long, but then he pulls a 360 and now Nagato is going to give Naruto a special technique? I had to tell myself that it's here: we're going places, people!

I hope so...maybe. Definitely, it's really not fun realizing this is some form of love/hate relationship with the series with a side order of addiction, please? I mean it doesn't really matter anymore is for the past five chapters there's been nothing but Pain/Naruto/Konan going on in almost all the panels. Who gives a shit when Naruto says something so utterly honest and destructive like: 'faith is better than any plan' as an ode to his fallen teacher? Come on! NARUTO I AM A WRECK BECAUSE OF YOU.

This is why I love this boy.

He never loses sight of what he wants and who he is supposed to be - it helps him fight the good fight. He keeps yammering about being Hokage right from the get-go and four hundred chapters later it's still what he wants and people /see/ that he is getting there.

I think this is the series (along with Gintama) that's 70% silly action and the 30% is not a throwaway - but essential in understanding the protagonist. You see Naruto being the wayward/dumbass/emotional ninja but when he says something from the heart or when a panel centering on him depicts him paying tribute to his country, his heart - it's hard not to get swayed. unless of course you're molded in the likes of Danzo or Orochimaru.


Eighty-Five percent of Gintama is CRAZY running around and yelling but when the creator decides to throw in a piece of Gintoki's past; when he speaks of his past in that serious manner - THAT is just what you've been waiting for and you realize that sitting through the crazy stuff is all WORTH it because there's nothing like seeing Gintoki and company get serious when it comes to dealing with each other.


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