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Hello! My name is Aggy --

I've had several blogs dedicated mostly to the daily goings on in my life - this should tell you that my blog entries were mostly about work and what I ate that day, so they weren't very exciting. Randomly, I would make posts about things that I do for fun like writing fan fiction and some stray commentary on things that I watch on television.

I liked to call or tag them as my 'life as a fan'. I also refer to that as the blueprint of my fan-blogging.

My 'life as a fan' truly started with music because when I stepped in high school, I discovered the joys of 90s hair bands like Guns N Roses, Skidrow and Metallica. Then came the WWE as I was a really big fan of The Undertaker. My fascination with anime and manga didn't really manifest until 1998 when my cousin convinced me to watch Rurouni Kenshin (called Samurai X when it aired in the Philippines). And like any dedicated fan of anime and manga will tell you - it's all downhill from there: Weiss Kreuz, Flame of Recca, Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Eyeshield 21, Mushi-shi, D.Grayman, etc.

Fan Fiction has always been my contribution to Fandom. When I started writing in 1997, though, there really wasn't an audience for what I wrote. My favorite subject at that time was The Undertaker from the WWE. Most fans of commercialized wrestling don't take kindly to such things so my writings made it mostly in my personal blog and that limited its exposure to the public. That was not a very encouraging time, but through the years, Fandom has found a way to thrive and now the internet is kinder to fan fiction writers like me. We now have a number of established and supported platforms where we can publish our work to our target audience.

Which brings us back to this post and reason why I made this blog.

I would like to consolidate my fan fiction and plot notes as well as my fandom-related posts and commentaries through the years. My watermark is going far back as 2006, because I believe I made much more sense at that time - any earlier would be a bit muddled and confusing.

Consider this a fandom blog served with a bit of real life woes on the side.

Pleased to make your acquaintance and I hope that you like what you read and that we can support one another as animanga-loving netizens!


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